teachr is a powerful learning experience platform with which we redefine school.
Learn everything in virtual worlds, playfully and in a fun way.

Create courses faster

With teachr you can create great learning courses in a very short time. With it you make education contemporary and modern.

Easy to use

teachr has interactive building blocks that you and your teachers can use to make your online courses spectacular.

Sell online courses

The online courses you create can be offered or sold for free all over the world.

Quizzes, learning games, slides, cards and much more

You can combine many interactive building blocks. This makes learning more fun.

3D, CAD and AR

With a few mouse clicks you can integrate 3D elements and use them for your online course.

360Β° videos and panorama

With these you can let your students view the world in 360Β°.

Read aloud function and speech recognition

You can have texts read aloud in all languages and have words or sentences spoken aloud.

What's so special about it …

teachr has modern technologies that can be used for modern educational mediation.

A exciting learning experience for pupils and students.

Virtual reality and augmented reality make learning more exciting. Teachers can put together entire courses in just a few clicks of the mouse and use them for learning in class or time-delayed from home. The didactic added value becomes higher through exciting learning.

Instruction and training for employees

With teachr employees of a company can be trained. The use of 3D objects and virtual tours enables modern training and education.

Modern, up-to-date training for trainees

With teachr it is possible to display 3D, CAD, construction drawings, architectures, vehicles, cities and buildings in virtual reality. The learning courses can be compiled in just a few clicks. teachr has a media library of over 10 million photos and over 100 thousand 3D models, which can be used free of charge and license-free for this purpose.

What has already been developed special …

You can also create these spectacular online courses with teachr.

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As a student or student

you can experience exciting online courses provided by your educational institution. Your teachers don't know teachr yet?

As an educational institution or company

you can use teachr to create exciting online courses for your students, pupils or employees.

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Education Automation

Gain more time and save costs

Increase your educational institution's level of automation so you, your faculty and staff can save valuable time.

Many processes can be automated these days, we'll explain how these technologies work and how you can use them.

Automate processes

With teachr you can automate your educational institution and optimize your processes.

More about education automation

Artificial intelligence

... can help us learn and make learning easier. AI systems can support teachers, create learning content, optimize the teaching process and curriculum, determine performance and predict exams. And there is a lot of artificial intelligence in teachr.

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