teachr is a learning experience platform.
Because with interactive modules, participants can experience learning.

We developed teachr as a platform to unite existing systems such as a learn management, a learn experience and a campus management.

Based on a virtual campus, which you define as a virtual environment for your course participants, pupils, students or employees, you can expand it with any apps.

App Store

teachr has an app store where you can equip your virtual campus.

So you can use teachr only as an authoring tool to create your online courses or sell them worldwide if needed.

Building blocks

teachr has interactive building blocks that help you build your online course.
Without technical knowledge.


The metaverse is a term that encompasses all virtual media (AR, VR, and 3D). A collective virtual space where people play and learn.

With teachr, education thus becomes possible in the metaverse for the first time.

Get started with your virtual campus.

If you don’t know how to use teachr yet, we’ll explain how to use this technology. Together, we will look at how we can provide your educational institution with modern and up-to-date training.